How to make money in Lock down

Money is the need of every human being and without money it becomes difficult for a person to live. COVID-19 has taken away the jobs of many people. Poor people are facing many difficulties and business people are also facing a lot of loss.

Everyone is just waiting for everything to be fixed as before. There are some people who understand the importance of time and are adopting such ways that they make money easily.

We can earn money very easily by working online and we work for ourselves and not for anyone else. Lets talk about top 5 easy methods to make money .

  1. Freelancing : Freelancing has always been the first choice of those who want a job based on their skills . The Internet has made our life very easy , there are several websites that offer freelance tasks for people with varying skills . The only requirement is to create an account and then you get a list which can be selected based on your skills and easily you can make somewhere between $5 -$100 from the websites like, and many more.
  2. Make Your own Website : Make your own website and choose a good niche and write content regularly . If your content is impressive and gets a good response from the public and your website is approved by Google Adsense you will get paid based on the traffic on your website. Not sure how to create website dont worry you tube have multiple videos in different languages which will help you to create your website .
  3. Affiliate Marketing : Once your website is up and running you have the opportunity to earn by letting the companies to insert web links on your website and if the visitors on your site make any purchases then you can make money out of it.
  4. Surveys, Searches and Review : Yes that’s true , there are websites that pay you to undergo online surveys, also for writing reviews on the products. And there will a requirement of sharing your bank details on the website so that the earnings you make gets directly routed to your bank account. So you need to be very careful while registering because some of these website could be a scam.
  5. YouTube : If you are not good at writing but have good acting skills, or talented in any other field then you can make videos accordingly and upload on YouTube . based on the views and subscriptions on your account you will qualify for monetization . Your content should be good enough and impressive so that you can fetch more traffic on your videos . Make sure to select a good and easy name of your channel so that the audience could easily remember you.