Physical Fitness is a state of health and well-being and the ability to perform the aspects of sports and daily activities . Running is not the only way to stay fit You can stay fit even if you walk more. Young people can run but elderly people cannot run, so they can walk and keep themselves healthy.

People of the village work in the fields and are engaged in some or the other work Therefore they do not even need to exercise , Exercise is required for those whose work is such that during the day, you only emphasize the brain and not the body. If you do not want to go gym, you can stay at home and keep yourself fit , But you have to make sure that you make your conscious such that it is not in the list to relax and watch TV. We work a little bit and think we have done the work of the day and rest, this is our biggest mistake . Once we sit in front of the TV, we sit for hours and make our own body sluggish. And when someone calls while watching TV, we get irritated . Just this habit makes our body lazy, so before you join gym for fitness training please make sure you have trained your body in such a way that you do not feel lazy no matter what . If you want your easiest way, then walk for at least one hour every morning and evening.